Options to get on the map

  1. ) FREE Name listing only - Anyone who requests and gives location details
  2. ) PREMIUM bubble - Logo / Name / Details / Link ( Max 120 Characters )
  3. ) DELUXE Illustration and Bubble - Illustration on MAP VIEW and bubble with Logo / Name / Details

The master website is at which shows all cities produced and a duplicated site of each city.

  1. Anyone can fill in the online form and submit their name to be added to the map on any category FREE and shown on Map View and City View, subject to approval
  2. Anyone can advertise on an annual basis for either option providing full payment in advance is made.
  3. For the DELUX creative option anything related to the business in a fun or cartoon way to get noticed will be considered for approval or simply just have your premises larger than life
  4. All creative additions will be on the dedicated category MAP VIEW only and as everything is larger than the actual scale, A) Subject to space availability B) sold on a first come first serve basis Ie A shop will go on the shopping category a service provider will go on the Business Category, A tour company will go on the Must Visit category
  5. If the creative addition fits on the CITY VIEW, or is an existing premises, that is considered as a bonus and is free. but the location bubble details will be featured on both views in the location bubble
  6. Both views are in 3d and not drawn to scale or are in any accurate perspective. The buildings, icons, landmarks, people, cars and roads etc are illustrated much larger than life and the map has been created as a fun guide to the approximate area only.
  7. Although every effort has been made to produce a city map as accuate as possible, CityView maps and its owners cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies, losses, damages or anything whatsoever that may or maynot be caused as a results in using this map.
  8. All rights reserved © 2019 CityView
  9. It is strictly prohibited to copy, trace, reproduce, republish, sell or adapt this illustration in part or full and will face the full legal consequences if found to be in breach of this agreement.
  10. Cancellation policy – The illustrative draft has to be approved in writing by the customer via email and payment made online in advance, After this stage the order will go live and can or cannot be cancelled once displayed on the website with no refund given.